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Sue Leigh Poetry


Her poems ‘read as meditations on how to exist in the world, and how we might expect the chance happenings of life’.


Suzanne V. Evans, The Times Literary Supplement

‘Her poems have a lightness and elegance to accompany the emotion which is always there. But there is a harder element in them too: a platinum-like thread that gives each poem its own form. They are a remarkable product of compassionate humanity and an observant eye.’


Bernard O’Donoghue

‘I find in her writing a great tension between opposites – profusion and austerity, the dark burnished. Words, feelings, possibilities are all sounded with the delicacy of a stainless steel probe – a kind of luminous equipoise.’


Pauline Stainer

‘a notable new voice’


Sarah Crown, The Guardian

‘Reading Leigh’s poetry is like “having faith in a seed” – with repeat reading, each small, ostensibly simple poem grows into something remarkable.’


Jennifer Edgecombe, PN Review


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